Funny Halloween costumes you can make in 1 hour

Sometimes you feel like you really don’t want to do anything for Halloween, maybe there aren’t even any good parties and you’d just rather stay at home binge watching horror movies and stuffing your mouth with Halloween candy. But out of the blue, your friends call you to tell you there’s going to be an amazing party a few blocks from your house; and they’ll come to pick you up in a few hours.

Now, typically you’d have several days to get ready your costume, but right now you have to think of something quick. We assure you the best way to go is to think of funny Halloween costumes since they usually require less work, time and resources. Check these ideas out and get ready to party!

“Punny” or funny Halloween Costumes

In the most recent years, pun costumes have become one of the fastest ideas for funny Halloween costumes, some of them are as bad as a dad joke and some of them are actually pretty clever, but the main characteristic about them is that you can make them in basically no time at home.

For a couple of easy examples, you can take on something that has been quite an issue since the current administration started: what they call “fake news”. To get this costume ready, print a BUNCH of fake news (pick the best, most unbelievable ones) and paste or pin them all over yourself, then draw over your shirt in big black letters the word “FAKE”.

Or hey, if you want to try something more ‘edgy’ we recommend something like this for a funny Halloween costume. Get a big plastic plant pot and place a fake plant or flower on it, cut a whole from the bottom and put it on as a hat. Did you figure it out? You’d be a pothead!

Wack O’ Lantern

One of the most representative icons of the most scary and fun night of the year, the pumpkin can’t not make an appearance in any of its forms: If you want to shake things up with funny Halloween costumes instead of scary ones, try dressing up as Wack O’ lantern; a crazy version of the classic Jack o’ lantern.

But how do you get it done? All you need is a huge plastic bag with a pumpkin print (you can find them here), cut holes on it for your legs and arms and find something to stuff it with like paper, balloons or cotton. You’ll be a round, funny Jack o’ lantern. To complement your costume you can wear a funny led pumpkin necklace like this one and a classic pumpkin bucket to put your phone in or maybe even your drink!

Funny Halloween costumes on a budget: Hillbilly

You don’t have to resort to the typical “Doctor” or “zombie” costume to make something quickly and that, most importantly, comes straight out of your closet. There’s plenty of other ideas for funny Halloween costumes, and one of the easier is the Hillbilly costume. As you might well know, the term hillbilly is used for people in some country areas, think of a retro guy meets country look.

To pull this costume off, you just need old fashioned, raggedy clothes like a pair of ripped jeans, a square print shirt without sleeves, old or distressed denim jacket or vest and a retro trucker hat. If you’re really committed you can get yourself a mullet wig like this one and maybe even a chunky moustache. Top it off with aviators!

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that funny costumes depend mostly in your imagination, your sense of humor and the most relevant and trending topics and characters. So if you have access to Twitter, Instagram or any trending website to see what’s new, and have basic items in your place, you have most of the job done.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with funny Halloween costumes, start off by diving into your closet, your attic, your basement, even your pantry, and you can start from there to work on a costume that cracks everyone up!

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