Allah’s enormity and sublimity:

Hazrat Ali Quotes :

Acclaim be to Allah Who lies inside every single shrouded thing and towards Whom every unique open thing guide. He can’t be seen by the eye of a passerby, yet the sight which does not see Him can’t deny Him while the mind that demonstrates His reality can’t see Him.

He is so powerful in eminence that nothing can be grander than He, while in closeness, He is near to the point that nobody can be closer than He. Be that as it may, his sublimity does not put Him at separation from anything of His creation, nor does His proximity expedite them similar dimension to Him.

He has not educated (human) mind about the cutoff points of His characteristics. By the by, He has not kept it from verifying fundamental information of Him. So he is with the end goal that all indications of presence stand observer for Him till the denying mind likewise trusts in Him. Allah is superb past what is depicted by the individuals who compare Him to things or the individuals who deny Him.

An admixture of good and bad

The premise of the event of shades of malice are those wants which are followed up on and the requests that are developed. They are against the Book of Allah. Individuals co-work with one another about them even though it is against the Religion of Allah. On the off chance that wrong had been unadulterated and unmixed, it would not be avoided the individuals who are looking for it.

Furthermore, if the right had been unadulterated without admixture of wrong the individuals who bear scorn towards it. Would have been hushed. What is, in any case, done is that something is taken from here and Something from that point, and the two are blended! At this stage, Satan overwhelms his companions, and only they escape for whom righteousness has been allocated by Allah from previously. Quotes of hazrat ali is the powerful key to success if we follow through our heart.

About the fleetingness of the world:

Be careful! Without a doubt, this world is a spot from which assurance can’t be looked for aside from while one is in it. The activity which is performed distinctly for this world can’t verify salvation. Individuals are tried in it through catastrophes. The individuals who have taken everyday joys here will be taken out from them (by death) and will be examined regarding them. What’s more, whatever (great activities) they have accomplished for the other world, they will get them there and remain in them. For the smart, this world resembles the shade – one minute it is spread out and expanded; however soon it psychologists and contracts.

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