Vietnam’s Healthcare System Significant Improvements

Expat Insurance Vietnam

Vietnam plans offer you the best of both worlds in Vietnam; the great benefits of an international medical insurance plan with the easily accessible and best customer service and direct billing network of a local insurance company.

Whether you just need to cover yourself, or need to ensure your family as well, you can build your own specific plans that suit your personal situation. In Further to our inpatient plan, which includes cover for major treatments such as kidney dialysis, cancer treatments or even organ transplants, you can also add outpatient, maternity and dental & optical benefits modules and choose one of three levels of coverage for each module.

Vietnam Plan offers you a wide range coverage option that will cover you in hospitals around the globe, not just in Vietnam. Plus, if you ever move out of Vietnam, your Vietnam plan is globally portable and can travel with you to your new home with no breaks in coverage at all.

Premium Expat Health Insurance Vietnam

Customize insurance plans to ensure the attainment of your required coverage for you as well as your closed ones, at reasonable charges. Indeed, the coverage for basic necessities and needs will be provided i.e. OPD treatment, Hospitalization, Pregnancy handling,

Our offered health plans are applicable to individuals, families, and personnel closed ones. Moreover, it also provides group-wise insurances for companies and organizations.

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